Hillview Manor Rehabilitation Centre

Hillview Manor Rehabilitation Centre is for people who have been broken and robbed by various addictions. We, as a recovery centre want to remove individuals from the destructive lives they have been living and give them the opportunity to find wholeness, healing and freedom in a safe and secure environment.

We set out to help residents find self-worth, emotional healing and a strong foundation, as well as equip them with the tools and skills they need to re-enter society and be fully functional individuals.

Our vision is to see individuals return to their families as well-rounded people living healthy, fulfilling and happy lives the way it was intended for them. We want to see woman and men believing in themselves and never again settling for less than their worth.

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Services Offered By Hillview Manor


Hillview Manor offers a long-term treatment solution for addiction thus enabling residents to work through their past hurts and hang ups and the negative behaviors and coping mechanisms they've developed. It provides the time to rebuild their self-esteems and learn new coping techniques as well as encourage residents to find purpose and direction for their lives going forward.


Hillview Manor offers a detox option whereby the residents see a registered doctor who schedules a medical regime to follow that is applicable for the substance that has been abused.


Hillview Manor has a Social Worker who can assist families with obtaining a court order by which their loved one is then ordered by the court to attend treatment and is therefore unable to refuse or abscond from treatment without completion.


Interventions: Hillview Manor works with an independent intervention team who can collect residents and transport them to treatment. The team also assists with recovery of lost property as well as assisting in locating your loved one should you not know their whereabouts.


Hillview offers residents the option of studying recognized online courses once they reach certain milestones within their recovery process thus enabling them to return to society with credentials to assist them in finding employment.


Should residents wish to stay on post completion of program they have an opportunity to assist at Hillview Manor as leadership and eventually staff.

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