View The Testimonials Of People We Have Had The Privilege To Assist On Their Journey


Lawrence Culhane

I will be the first to say that long-term recovery is not an easy task for anyone but my stay at Hillview manor has changed my life in more ways than one. recovery is a process that takes times, effort strength and most of all FAITH. Hillview manor helped me find ME again because there is no doubt that I was confused lost and my life was just in shambles. I found the GOD and parts of myself that I thought were gone. the staff are excellent and the program is fantastic once you start to o

Freddy Nagel

I have recently completed a program at Hillview Manor and in short, I can only explain the experience as extraordinary, life-changing and extremely informative. Thank you to ALL of the staff for taking a broken life and mending it bit by bit and allowing a whole new being to enter the world again!

Jared Sadie

I would like to thank Hillview Manor Rehabilitation Centre and its staff for saving my life. If it was not for being in treatment and getting the help that I so desperately needed I don't think I would be here today. Thanks to the intense counselling that I got and reconnecting me to God I was able to face my hurts, habits and hang-ups and deal with my addiction. Hillview Manor helped me reconnect with my family and I was able to have stronger relationships with them thanks to the co