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My name is Kendal Pietersen.   I am a single mother of two.  Never in my life did I ever think I would become an addict.  Addicted to something that took a hold of my whole life and aided me to lose everything precious.  It did happen to me and what a journey to get my life back but I did….

Being a single mom I easily ran out of energy to get things done during the day and a neighbor offered me a quick fix.  She introduced me to Khat.  She told me it would give me energy and I would lose weight.  Just what I needed right?  In the beginning it was all fun and games and I was a super mom but over time this drug started taking its toll on my body.

I started staying up all night and missing meals.   I lost huge amounts of weight and the drug started to affect my life.  I started hallucinating, being paranoid, and missing out on all family events.  I became incapable of doing anything.  I also became worried of my family noticing so I decided to ask my dealer for something new.  I bought my first bag of Crystal Meth and it was down hill fast from there.

I was never on time, my children started to suffer and my daughter had to be a mom to my son.  I dropped the ball numerous times and put my need for drugs ahead of my children.  This is the ugly face of addiction it doesn’t care who you are or what you are, it takes over everything you have and the family suffer greatly.

I stopped caring about my appearance, I lost my self-worth and became a criminal.  I started stealing from my family and from my children.  Pawning and selling everything I could get hold of.  This wasn’t me anymore I became a monster.  My last straw came when I took my sons birthday money to buy a bag and the guilt got to me.  I called my mother and told her I need help.

The same day I was brought to Hillview manor rehabilitation center.  I came in wanting to change.  I came in  willing and desperate with nothing.  It took me a couple of months to find myself again and as this happened I started loving myself and my life.  I never cared enough about my life to search for meaning but Hillview helped me find it.  I am currently studying addiction counseling.  I never thought id be blessed enough to study again.  It is a great pleasure for me to give back,  to have meaning in my life and know that my children and are safe and that  I am doing the right thing for them.  I can be a parent now but from a distance as I gain my life back,  the best gift I can give them is a sober parent.


Well, let me start off by saying that I have had many opportunities to have made a successof my life. There were moments where that was the case however in all honesty I alwaysseemed to stuff things up when I was doing well. This is what we call self-sabotage andbecame a regular occurrence in my life. I compounded this by getting hooked on all sortsof different drugs and combining that with an addiction to gambling didn’t help my cause.

The addictions, I managed to keep to myself for a long period of time however they dideventually catch up to me at the end of the day.After losing everything over the years when I was in active addiction, I found myself on the streets in Edenvale living off of what I stole or hustled from day to day. I eventually ended up shooting up crystal meth to numb my fears, hurts ran away from all of my responsibilities, just had simply given up on life in April 2017 when I tried to overdoseon Heroin and meth which by God’s grace I couldn’t get that right either.

So, I was taken to Hillview Manor Rehabilitation on 25TH April where I met Martin who showed me around and I signed in there and then. I did not take the treatment given to me seriously and breezed through 7 months without even getting out of denial to be honest. I chose to run away on the 12th November thinking I had completed the program. I spent a terrible 2 months on the streets again back to square one only to realize that I needed to return back to Hillview Manor to restart my recovery and listen to Martin and Cheryl who always had my best interests at heart as with any other resident on the program.

These two people fought for me when I had given up during tough phases of my recovery. There were times when I pleaded to them to open the gates for me to leave. Thank you, Martin and Cheryl and to my family for supporting me and getting me to a place in my heart where I call Hillview Manor Rehab …. My Home!!!

I have completed my program properly after 14 months and now I am in the process of studying to become an addiction counsellor and giving back to those who I can help in any way possible. During my stay at Hillview, I have found The Lord here and feel very privileged to build on my relationship with The Lord on a daily basis here.


Hillview taught me how to live sober.

 The celebrate recovery and groups that they gave, the therapy I gained and the life skills learnt there have been so valuable to my recovery and my life outside of rehab. 

I have been given tools that have helped me survive and better yet have helped me life a fulfilling life where others adore me and respect me because of the way I live, all thanks to Hillview.

The rehab is definatley a blessing to our drug ridden society and I have no doubt they will help many more still


I never ever thought anyone or anything could help me in respect of my addiction and severe emotional depression at the time, however when I walked through the doors of this organisation my healing and recovery began.

The staff and programme at Hillview Manor transformed my life forever I walked in there a broken women and walked out new, whole and recovered. My life has changed and I have become I functioning member of society I am celebrating my sobriety ever since.

I would recommend Hillview Manor to anyone needing assistance in respect of rehabilitation. I am grateful to Cheryl Vester for helping me rediscover myself and thank God for someone like her who offers those in need the help required.


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