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Hillview Manor Recovery Centre seeks to meet the daily living needs of individuals who choose to address their addictions in a safe environment, conducive to constructive healing. Our programme offers the chance for individuals to change as well as provide the opportunity to practice changes that have taken place.

Our team consists of social workers, psychologists and addiction therapists.

Many of our therapeutic team have walked the road of recovery and are able to assist others to find freedom from addiction. With this comes a great deal of knowledge and understanding that the client will face as he/she enters their new season of recovery.

Apart from clinical disciplines, we will integrate the Integral Life Practises which will not only be used to help the client identify his/her goals, but also a tool to help him/her with their recovery process. These are essential keys to human growth. It’s an approach to well-being, awareness and transformation. Focusing on the body (physical exercise), the mind (CBT, DBT, Logotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction), and emotional identification (therapy, diary journaling)

We as a Recovery Centre want to remove individuals from their destructive lives they have been living and give them the opportunity to find:

  • Wholeness,
  • Healing,
  • Freedom and balance in a safe and secure environment.

We set out to help residents find their:

  • Self-Worth,
  • Emotional Healing and
  • To Build a Strong Foundation based on firmly developed morals and values.

We assist them with the tools and skills they would need to re-enter society as fully-functioning individuals.



Provide a healthy environment in which each individual can work on their:

  • Emotional,
  • Physical and
  • Spiritual wellbeing

To establish a practical routine in which each individual can learn life-skills, structure, work ethic and responsibility.

To work with the whole family unit of each individual to encourage healing and Restoration within the homes and with family members.

To help each individual find their:

o Own Identity,

o Talents,

o Gifts,

o Most importantly their Self-Worth

In order for them to further themselves in society by using their new found positive attributes, strengths and abilities.

To give the individuals the option of hearing about Christ as their higher power and to lead individuals into a healthy relationship with God.

The focus of the program is on behavioural improvement and social development with emphasis on one’s self-esteem and self-respect.


The ability to recognize and admit that one is experiencing an addiction


  • A surrender to the fact that the addiction exists and a decision to seek control through an outer guide
  • Self-observation and awareness of the behaviours that were part of and arose from the addiction, as well as those that help promote self-restraint
  • A chance to practice that restraint and build self-esteem in one’s positive capabilities
  • Achievement of self-acceptance and the ability to change behaviours
  • Compassion, both for those who have been affected by the addiction and for others who similarly struggle with addiction



86 Randvaal Road




Contact Details:

Martin Verster: martin@hillviewmanorrehab.co.za

Cheryl Verster:   cheryl@hillviewmanorrehab.co.za